Nativity path in Grossarl

Handmade nativity scenes are along the way to the church

At the Salzburg Mountain Advent in Grossarltal there are lots of handmade nativity scenes along the nativity path. Start point is the Village nativity scene, with the life-sized figures.


Along the nativity path there are handmade nativity scenes. They show different sceneries from the nativity of Jesus. At the end there is the big nativity scene in the church of Grossarl.


The nativity building association Grossarltal was founded in 2002. "A handmade nativity scenes in every house in the valley", this is the ambitious aim of the nativity building association. Every year, around 20 - 30 locals aged 8 - 80 years build nativity scenes under expert guidance. The nativity scenes along the nativity path were made in painstaking detail by the nativity building association Grossarltal.



Good cheer and merryment - the advent event program in the Grossarl valley is diverse and exciting.


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Good cheer and Christmas spirit, that is how we describe the Salzburg Mountain Advent in the Grossarl valley.