Krampus & Perchten – Mountain Advent Grossarl


The Krampus walk in Grossarl is among the most popular in the region. The many presenters show off their dreadful masks.


During your visit to the Salzburg Mountain Advent in the Grossarl valley you can also experience this special event. Up to seven regional Krampus groups render the area around the market uncertain.

Many of the masks used are hand made and unique. In Huettschlag there are internationally renowned specialists. The owners of the Talwirt carve up to 70 masks each year.


There is also another figure closely related to the Krampus, called "Perchten", that can be found all around during the holidays. It is an Alpine tradition. These creatures can also be found in Grossarl along with the Krampus and St. Nick. This begins on December 5 starting at 7.30 p.m. Between 80 and 100 Krampus and "Perchten" are expected at the advent market during this time. The hair-raising figures are absolutely not aggressive although it is tradition for the Krampus to pretend to use their whips. However, small children are never touched.


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Good cheer and merryment - the advent event program in the Grossarl valley is diverse and exciting.


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Good cheer and Christmas spirit, that is how we describe the Salzburg Mountain Advent in the Grossarl valley.