Christmas Market Grossarl - Map

Map advent market Grossarl
Map advent market Grossarl

Here you will find a detailed map of the christmas market.


The Salzburger Mountain Advent in the Grossarl valley has many exciting offers waiting for you. Here you can find out where you will find which attractions and events.


If you are interested in finding the best route into the Grossarl valley, click on arrival. Enjoy unique moments with your family and friends. The Salzburger Mountain Advent allows you to experience traditions and customs and reflective holiday events. The non-binding inquiry for your excursion to one of the most wonderfully-spirited Christmas markets in Austria can be found here.


Advent market stands

Nr. Name Tel.: Business Product
1 Krippenstad´l   Gastwirtevereinigung Grossarltal Punch, mulled wine, hot cider
2 Holz- & Strickhütte 06414/269 Intersport Lackner Knit goods, wooden dolls, fragrant sacks, stars, necklaces, snowmen, angels
3 Fischhütte 06414/2280 Platzkrämer Grossarl Smoked fish
4 Handwerksstadl 06414/8808 Kopriva Grossarl Crafts, deco, handicrafts
5 Plüschtierhütte 06414/8808 Kopriva Grossarl Stuffed Animals
6 Bosna- & Würstlhütte 06415/4369 Marktcafe & Bäckerei Kreuzer Sausages, hot dogs
7 Kinderpunschhütte   Gastwirtevereinigung Grossarltal Children stand tea, non-alcoholic punch
8 Krapfen & Kletzenbrot & Süßes 06414/276 Bäckerei Unterkofler Cookies, gingerbread, bread,roasted almonds
9 Naturseifen- & Weihrauchhütte 06414/2280 Platzkrämer Grossarl Soaps, possibly chestnuts
10 Speck- & Käsehütte 06414/2280 Platzkrämer Grossarl Bacon, sausage, cheese
  Maroni Stand 06414/2280 Platzkrämer Grossarl Chestnut, potato, corn, sugared almonds
11 Dorfschenke   Gastwirtevereinigung Grossarltal Punch, mulled wine, hot cider
12 Jaus´n Hütte 06414/300 Hotel Edelweiss  Fried sausages
13 Punsch- und Glühweinstad´l   Gastwirtevereinigung Grossarltal Punch, mulled wine, hot cider
14 Schnitzhütte 06414/267 Holzbildhauer Rupert Kreuzer („Astei“) Carvings and wooden stars, mangers, manger figures, advent jewelry
15 Kerzenhütte 06412/5755 Hermann Rohrmoser Candles
16 Trachten- & Filzhütte 06414/256 Trend & Tracht Modedesign Helga Neumayr Traditional accessoires
17 Engerl- & Geschenkhütte 06414/624 Glaserei Heigl Hubert Angels, holiday tableclothes, stuffed animals
18 Schnaps- & Likörhütte 06414/8347 Thomas Brandtner Schnapps, liqueurs
19 Hirtenstad´l   Gastwirtevereinigung Grossarltal Punch, mulled wine, hot cider
20 Hufeisen-Schmied     Horseshoe with dedication
21 Bauerntoast-Alm 06414/81200 Hotel Nesslerhof Special "farmers toast"
22 Kunsthandwerkhütte   Exhibitors change weekly Handcrafts
23 Steinhütte 0664/2396228 Viehhauser Erika Painted stones
24 Keramikhütte 0664/1921494 Familie Gollegger Ceramic
25 Kekshütte 06414/300 Das Edelweiss Cookie cutter, ginger bread
26 Suppen- & Kasnockenhütte 06414/264 Vitalhotel Tauernhof Kasnockn, soups
27 Bienenhütte 0664/75043527
Imkerei Bienenmax Bee products
28 Sterndlbar   Gastwirtevereinigung Grossarltal Punch, mulled wine, hot cider
29 Süßehütte 06414/2280 Platzkrämer Grossarl Chocolate, Waffle
30 Kunsthandwerk   Ida Unterrainer Monastery crafts
31 Holzspielzeughütte  06414/8866

Hotel Waldhof

Wodden toys
32 Filzwaren  0664/8615868

Eva Pernsteiner

Felt slipper, felt bags
33 Kinderadventhütte  

Gastwirtevereinigung Großarltal

Punch, non -alcoholic punch, marshmallow & sausages

Attractions at the Salzburger Mountain Advent in Grossarl

A Nativity set - petting zoo
B Children's baking parlor
C Village nativity scene
D Fairy-tale parlor
E Fichtnstub´n 
F Angel photo studio
G Children's merry-go-round
H Stage for children performance & children forest
I Sheep barn 
J Horse-drawn carriage ride station 
K  Christmas post office & christmas worshop
L Nativity path 
M Exhibition of Nativity scenes 
N Parish center
O Grossarl parish church 


The advent program has many exciting events in store for you, pick out the ones that appeal to you the most. In addition, you can take part in the many attractions and the family program to get ready for Christmas. You can make a non-binding inquiry for your stay during the Salzburg advent here.


Baking for kids
Baking for kids

Good cheer and merryment - the advent event program in the Grossarl valley is diverse and exciting.


Salzburg Mountain Advent
Salzburg Mountain Advent

Find out about the great package deals that are available for your visit. These make your visit a cost-effecient experience.


Salzburg Mountain Advent
Salzburg Mountain Advent

Good cheer and Christmas spirit, that is how we describe the Salzburg Mountain Advent in the Grossarl valley.